Changes to our Gym

Firstly we would like to thank all of our fantastic members that have continued to support us throughout these extremely trying times. It has been overwhelming knowing that so many of you have committed to continuing your membership and ensuring that the gym that we all know and love can reopen.

To show our appreciation your memberships will remain the same, great value!

We however completely understand that people have suffered financially and have had to make the decision to freeze/cancel their memberships, often without wanting to. Your family must come first!

To show that we understand we are offering the same great value prices to all members new and old. To rejoin or join us before we officially open on the 4th July. 

There have been many changes to the gym and the way we are going to run our business moving forward, because of Covid-19 the way we operate has changed. We are now a Members Only Club! This means there will no longer be a day pass, all Direct Debit members will take priority over pay monthly members for booking slots and time allocations, should we need them. We have chosen to cap the memberships at 200 to make it easy to manage and ensure everyone can train without queuing for machines.

During the time spent closed we have renovated the gym, we have painted walls and replaced old kit as well as adding new. We have so many changes to help you all reach your goals and photos of these will follow in the coming weeks.

To rejoin and ensure you remain on the original pricing please click APPLY NOW.